About Peter Hillier, Nelson Chiropractor


Nelson Chiropractor, Peter Hillier - chiropractic treatment for sufferers of back, neck pain, headaches


My chiropractic journey started as a patient, encouraged by Helen back before we were married.  I soon became a strong advocate - advising others to try chiropractic.           

In 1984 I resigned my position as Head Chemist at Golden Bay Cement and we moved to Melbourne with one-year old Jeremy to start a 5-year chiropractic degree program.  At that time there was no chiropractic training in New Zealand.

I completed the degree in late 1988 and we returned to Nelson.  I have practiced here ever since in both group and solo practice situations.

In Nelson Jeremy was joined by Nick and Simon – all three now married and living offshore.  We have two grandchildren in London.  Moving my practice to merge with the Equilibrium team will free us to visit the family with the knowledge that while we are away my patients will be well looked after by the team.