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Nelson Chiropractor, Peter Hillier - chiropractic treatment for sufferers of back, neck pain, headaches

I was a migraine sufferer

Throughout my early years I suffered from frequent migraines. In my mid-twenties a friend convinced me to see a chiropractor.

On my first visit the chiropractor determined that I had a neck problem that could be contributing to the migraines. I was surprised because I wasn’t aware of having neck pain however after the first treatment I was amazed by how free my neck felt.

Over several weeks of regular chiropractic care the migraines became less frequent and less severe until eventually they became – and have remained – a very rare occurrence.

Chiropractic care changed my life

Because of my own great results I became a strong advocate for chiropractic, urging anyone who complained of back pain, neck pain or headaches to see a chiropractor, until one day I decided to quit my career as an industrial chemist and to retrain as a chiropractor.

At that time, the only chiropractic training in the southern hemisphere was a tertiary degree in Melbourne. By then I was married with a baby son so moving from Golden Bay to Melbourne for five years of full-time study was a huge upheaval for the whole family.

Establishing a practice in central Nelson

On completing my Bachelor of Applied Science in Chiropractic, we returned to New Zealand, choosing to settle in Nelson where I set up a practice offering quality chiropractic care to the people of Nelson and the surrounding area. We have lived and worked in Nelson for over 25 years, raising three sons and participating in many groups, organisations and activities. I continue to greatly enjoy helping Nelson people of all ages to regain and maintain health and flexibility.

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