We've moved to a new location

  • 19 February 2018
  • Peter Hillier

They say there is nothing in life as constant as change…

After 10 happy years working from 42 Waimea Road, I learned that my colleague Sally Dawson was selling both her practice and building to move to Golden Bay. This meant that I had to find new premises.

Initially this was daunting, but I reminded myself that I had moved before with minimal disruption and I could do it again! Once relocated, my practice could continue as it has done previously.

One of my main reasons for selecting a new location was ease of access - particularly ample parking on site.

I settled on 105 Kawai Street, working in the Roundhay Medical Centre.  It has 8 carparks at the Kawai Street entrance, and the side-street location means easier access on and off the street compared to my Waimea Road location.

Our great reception team from Waimea Road, Liz and Jackie, will continue to work for me in this new location.

So new location, but business as usual – new and existing clients welcome!

About Peter Hillier

If the pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hips or knees is preventing you from working, from playing sport, or from doing any of the things you love to do, chiropractic may help. I offer a friendly and professional service to people of all ages, from children to the elderly. As a Chiropractor, I aim to reduce pain, restore mobility, and improve your quality of life. Talk to me today.

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